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Honouring talented and dedicated HR professionals is something we do every day, with every magazine and article we publish. Under normal circumstances we show that appreciation by handing out awards to recognize your dedication and talent, usually at our Imagine Your Workplace event in June. Unfortunately, this year we are forced to honour you from afar due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the need for physical distancing. While ceremonies and get togethers are on hold, we encourage you to continue to nominate your peers and when the dust settles, we will celebrate together. Thank you for your understanding.

What the YW Awards are About

Since 2009 Your Workplace has been honouring organizations that provide a positive work culture that fosters a thriving workforce with the Thrive Award. Subsequently, more YW Excellence Awards have been developed to recognize specific efforts and initiatives from the organization, and the people that work within to make work better.


All award winners will be announced at the YW Awards Ceremony and Reception held during the event: Imagine Your Workplace. In addition, they will be featured in a special article in the July/August issue of Your Workplace magazine, which will be posted to the yourworkplace.ca website, and shared with our community in our eNewsletter and through social media. Also, the list will be posted for one full year on our website, www.ywawards.ca with optional links to your coordinates.

You are doing great work and we want others to know. It takes a short time to nominate and the recognition lasts a lifetime!

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Category of Awards


YW Awards (Organization) or group celebrate a positive impact of exceptional efforts to make the organization better for employees. There are many ways to make the company a great place to work, and what we know for sure is that everyone who works there mostly agrees.

YW Awards: Organization

There are multiple awards of excellence to choose from:
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Individual YW Awards celebrate the HR professional’s tireless and vital work for organizations large and small. These people make a difference in the lives of their employees, and these awards recognize that contribution.

YW Awards: Individual

There are two awards of excellence to choose from:
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How Do You Know You’re a Winner

You know you are a winner because these are the best practices you embrace

Collaborative Dialogue

In healthy organizations, people feel free to express themselves without fear. Leaders engage in serious, candid, and supportive dialogue about critical issues with an emphasis on community conversation, not direction or manipulation.


When trust is present, we can relate to each other as confident and affirmed members of a workplace community. Without trust, relationships are fragile, fearful and uncertain.

Clear Outcomes

Accurate, user-friendly record keeping is important to ground our perception of goals, but sometimes it’s hard to measure the important stuff. Winners carefully discern the measures to use, and remember to reward and recognize people.


Each of us is a unique bundle of gifts and vulnerabilities. Some things come easily; others require work and discipline. Winners share their own gifts and vulnerabilities non-defensively.


In thriving organizations, people don’t just collaborate, they form meaningful relationships together. This includes authentic laughter, an essential ingredient to bonding and reducing the stresses of the everyday workplace grind.


You believe in the work that you do, and are relentless in fulfilling the vision of what you believe. The people who work within your organization are important and you are committed to making a positive impact in their lives.


2019 Winners & Finalists

The YW Awards presentation was held on June 5, 2019 at the Toronto Botanical Garden. Two well-deserved HR professionals were honoured for the Rising Star and Top HR Manager of the year awards. 

Larissa Calderone

Manager of HR with the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (Rising Star)

Laurie Armstrong

Manager of HR for Prophix Software (Top HR Manager)

Both of these talented professionals won awards for their outstanding achievements in HR and for going above and beyond their job descriptions to make the working lives of their employees a more satisfying and fulfilling experience.

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